2nd & 3rd Grade

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Weekly Story Time with Mrs. Senn

2nd grade   3rd grade
 Week 1  The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

Image result for pout pout fish


Who Would Win? Tarantuala VS. Scorpion by Jerry Pallotta


Brainpop: Spiders
BrainPop: Arachnids




 Can I Be Your Dog
by Troy Cummings

can i be

Click the video link below to meet Mrs. Senn's Dog

Meet my dog Jango

Watch the brainpop Caring for Pets to learn about how to care for your pet

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Truth or Lie Sharks
by Erica S. Perl


Watch the Sharks Brainpop to learn more about Sharks
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 Week 3

Click below to Read, Draw, Create & Have Fun with Dav Pilkey!!

Dave pilkey
Week 3   

Below is a library-skills based worksheet that you can print and complete.

K-2 Parts of a Book Activity

Below is a library-skills based worksheet that you can print and complete.

3-4 Book Review 

Week 4 Read Aloud  The return of Thelma
The Unicorn 
By Aaron Blabey

 Bad Boys by Margie Palatini

Bad Boys
Week 5  adventures

Daily Adventures Monday-Friday using Pebble Go
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 Find Your Library Books Challenge!

  1. Find your library book(s)
  2. Take a picture with your book(s)
  3. Sit and read your books again 

Pics sent as a message in Facebook will be posted to the Fairmount Elementary Facebook Page

  • If you need a reminder of which books you have checked out, please email Mrs. Senn and she will send you the list of books you have checked out.
  • If you don't have any books checked out or can't find them, send a picture of yourself with a book you have at home. 

 Week 6
By Tedd Arnold 

 Week 7 Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins 

Mother Bruce
 Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran

Week 8  The Quickest Kid in Clarksville
Pat Miller

Quickest Kid

Week 9
Fairmount Elementary School 

Library Choice Board

Choice #1- Bank Street College Book Awards

Spring Book Awards- These awards are organized by the Bank Street College in NYC.  I love this award because kids get to vote for the winner.  Although I wish I could read these books with you, I was able to find video versions so you can still listen to the books and vote.  

Choice #2- Dav Pilkey

Dav Pilkey is a favorite author among our Fairmount students!

Check out one (or more!) of these fun activities:

Choice #3- Who Is/Who Was

Our students LOVE the Who Is/Who Was books in our library.  

Check out the related site!  There are interactive games and free printables.  Who Is/Who Was?

If you have Netflix, be sure to check out the Who Was Show!

Choice #4- Switch Zoo

Do you love learning about animals?  

Check out Switch Zoo!  Kids can create new animals and play animal-related games.

Switch Zoo

Week 10 
Book Cover
Peek a Boo
Can you guess the book covers just by seeing a peek?
Peek a Boo Book Covers


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