AR Information for Parents & Students

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is designed to be part of our comprehensive reading program. It does not replace other instructional materials; rather, it supports and enhances classroom instruction. 

Effective reading programs develop students' ability to draw knowledge from a variety of text. Moreover, all students must be able to tackle complex texts independently. One of the primary benefits of Accelerated Reader is that it is a vehicle for this essential learning. 

Accelerated Reader

Students, click on the above link during school hours to take AR quizzes.

AR Book Finder

Parents and students, not sure if your book is the correct AR level or if a quiz is available?  Click on the AR Book Finder link above to search for books that have a  corresponding Accelerated Reader Quiz. You can also suggest quizzes be created for books that don't have already have a corresponding quiz.

Renaissance Home Connect

Parents can access Renaissance Home Connect and check in on your student's AR Progress by clicking the link above. 

Home Connect Parent Guide

Use the link above to access the tutorial for AR Home Connect.

How AR Works

All students, grades K-6, have taken the STAR reading assessment online to determine his/her ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) range. The ZPD defines the readability range from which students should be selecting books in order to achieve optimal growth in reading skills without experiencing frustration. 

Students are encouraged to read books from their AR level. Students have the opportunity to take the AR quizzes at school. Tests can only be taken at school, during school hours. Quizzes are taken without the book, they should be able to answer comprehension questions on the test/quiz.

If the book does not have a leveled color dot from our school library, that means the book does not have an AR quiz. Therefore, the child will not earn any points for reading that book, since there is no quiz for that book. But of course, students can still read it! ☺

Your child can find out if a book that they are reading (home library book, public library, etc.) is an AR book, by logging onto and searching for their book. If the book is not in the AR system, then it does not have a quiz, yet. Quizzes are continuously being created. 

Reading Bingo

Click the link above to access a reading Bingo Board. Encourage your child to fill in an many spaces on the board.