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Supper Fun Links to Cool Music Sites!

Classics for Kids - Explore music and find links to other music exploration websites

Easy Learning Books   ///  Learn about the orchestra 

Dallas Symphony Orchestra
A great website for music exploration 

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
A great website for music exploration 

Dot mixer /// Make music now! 

British Broadcasting Corporation
Great site for exploring different music activities

New York Philharmonic kids website
Youtube Links

Upper Grades 4 - 6

Music Instruments ->

Music instrument families->




French Horns and Timpani

Classical Guitar / Malaguena - Flamenco (Spain)->

Electric Guitar / songs from the 80s->


Lower Grades K-3



Instruments 2->

Johan Sebastian Bach / Cello Suite 1 played by Mischa Maisky->

Johan Sebastian Bach / Toccata in D minor->

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart /

Ludwig Van Beethoven->

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakav / Flight Of The Bumble Bee->

Richard Wagner / The Valkyries-> 

Aram Khachaturian Sabre Dance->